Department Activities

1Welcome function
2Teachers Day Celebration
3Parent Meet
4Trekking : Dajipur Sanctuary
5Study Tour :A visit to Bhogawati Sugar Factory
6Guest Lecture
7Health Awareness program
8Free HB count check up
9Study Tour : A Visit To Warana
Sugar Factory
10Trekking : Panhala


Department of first year engineering organized a warm welcome function for the newly joined first year students. The first year engineering started on 27 th September 2015. On the very first day, there was a warm welcome to all the students in their respective classrooms. Principal Dr. V.R. Ghorpade addressed the students.He welcomed the students & explained the rules & regulations of the college. Prof. K.P.Chopade, the first year coordinator informed the students about the course structure. Prof.M. J. Pati ,H. O. D. (Civil )l welcomed the students . Principal Dr. V. R. Ghorpade offered a rose to a student symbolically . ). Dr .A .A. Rathod & all faculty members of F.E. were present on the occasion.


Students of first year engineering celebrated the Teachers Day on 5 th September ,2015 . The faculty was invited to the classrooms . The students felicitated the teachers & expressed their gratitude for the teachers . Students from all the divisions i.e. from div .A,B,C,D & E gathered together to celebrate the day. First year coordinator Prof. K.P.Chopade, Dr. A.A.Rathod, Dr. Mrs. A.V. Kadam , Prof. R.G.Benni & all faculty members of F.E. were present on the occasion.

Parent Meet

A parent meeting was held in the department of first year engineering on September 12, 2016. Principal Dr .V. R. Ghorpade, First-year coordinator Prof. K.P. Chopade, Dr. A. A. Rathod &all faculty members of first year engineering were present for the program. 55 parents were present for the meet. The progress card of the students was handed over to the parents. Prof. Mrs. .S. Z. Bhai was the coordinator of the program. There was a very warm and healthy interaction between the parents and the faculty members. Principal Dr.V.R. Ghorpade answered to the queries of the parents. There was a healthy interaction regarding the overall development of the students. The parents put forth their suggestions for the better teaching – learning process.


Department of first year engineering organized a one day trek to Dajipur sanctuary which is situated close to Kolhapur. The trek was held on 25 September 2015. Nearly 220 students participated in the trek. It was a trek of 15 km’s where students learned about environment, nature & its conservation. First year coordinator Prof. K. P. Chopade, & all faculty members of first year engineering participated in the trek.


The Induction program for the first year engineering students was organized on the very first day i.e. on 1st August 2017.All the first year engineering students were present for the program.Principal Dr. A.N. Jadhav welcomed the students & interacted with the students. He provided information about the college. He guided the students for their successful future career in engineering. First Year Coordinator Prof. K.P. Chopade informed the students about the rules & regulations of the college. He also explained the importance of discipline for the successful career. A copy of syllabus & time table was distributed to the students. Prof. Dr. A.A.Rathod, Dr.A.V. Kadam & all first year engineering faculty were present on the occasion.


D.Y.Patil College of Engineering & Technology & ICC committee organized an Awareness program for the first year Engineering & Architecture students on 12 th August 2017 The main purpose of the program was to make the students aware of the rules & regulations & importance of the committee & also to create awareness about gender equality among them.Mrs. Tanuja Shipurkar, a well known social worker was the chief guest of the program. She interacted with the students & explained the rules & regulations of the committee. She also highlighted the importance of gender equality.ICC Presiding Officer Mrs. P.N.Pise took special efforts to make the program a success. Principal Dr. A.N.Jadhav, vice principal Dr.Kshama Kullhalli, First Year Coordinator Prof. K.P.Chopade & all ICC committee members were present on the occasion.300 students from First Year Engg.& 80 students from Architecture department participated in the program.Prof. .Mrs .S.Z. Bhai & Miss N.S.Misal was coordinator of the program.