Language Laboratory

The department of F. Y. B. Tech has the facility of the Language Laboratory. It has ETNL software which includes audio-visual lessons to give exposure to the skills of the students. The lab includes 1 teacher console & 20 student consoles.
  1. 1.  Language Laboratory provides students a platform to master English language skills, communication skills and soft skills.
  2. 2. To practice and assess LSRW (Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing) skills of the students i.e. Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing.
  3. 3. Language Laboratory offers to learn better pronunciation through accent, intonation, rhythm and stress.
  4. 4. To inculcate employability among the students.
  5. 5. To train and prepare the students for Campus Placement by conducting practice sessions like Mock Interviews, GD, Debate, etc.
Lab. SoftwareETNL Language Lab. Software
  1. The software consists of different modules based on pronunciation,
  2. grammar,
  3. phonetics,
  4. group discussion,
  5. debate,
  6. interview skills,
  7. soft skills,
  8. professional correspondence,
  9. report writing,  etc.
Area57.6 Sq.M
Major Equipments
  1. 1. Computers- 22
  2. 2. Servers-01
  3. 3. UPS-01