Vision & Mission

Vision of Department

To enhance teaching learning process to achieve academic excellence and to promote research innovation and entrepreneurial attitude to produce quality technical graduates.

Mission of the Department
1 To impart quality education to achieve global competitiveness.
2 To inculcate sensitivity towards society, environment and promote high standard of ethics.
3 To serve the nation by graduating the talented and broadly educated engineers.
4 To promote inspiring environment of learning research and innovations.
Short Term Goals
Sr. No. Statement
1 To create centre of excellence
2 To recruit all eligible and aspiring studentsin core field of Chemical Engineering.
Long Term Goals
Sr. No. Statement
1 To provide consultancy to nearby industries.
2 To strengthen Research & Development activities.
Core Values of the Department
Sr. No. Statement
1 Quality- We provide quality Education by using our social, technical abilities.
2 Team work- We conduct such a activities that make us & students to work in team & lead the team.
3 Ethics- We provides learning environment that develops moral & ethical behavior which respects society & family members.
4 Service- We strive for genuine well-being of our students by harnessing our abilities to deliver the curriculum & other essential services.
5 Employiility- We provide quality Education by utilizing outside world & inculcate social & ethical values for more employability of students.
Salient Features of the department
Sr. No. Statement
1 Good Placement of students.
2 Interaction with stake holders like alumni, parents & Industry.
3 ICT Based teaching
4 Training of Advanced industrial software’s.
5 Industrial Projects.
6 Continuous Mentoring &Counselingof Students.
7 Continuous Feedback Evaluation system & improvement.
8 Guidance for Entrepreneurship development.
9 Higher education and competitive exam preparation.
Programme Educational Objectives
Sr. No. Statement

Acquire the fundamental principles of chemical engineering and science with modern experimental and computational skills which is used to solve chemical engineering problems.


Ability to handle chemical engineering problems of practical relevance to society while complying with economical, environmental, ethical and safety consideration.

3 To provide in-depth knowledge of chemical engineering which demonstrate professional excellence, ethics, soft skills and leadership qualities.
Programme Specific Objectives
Sr. No. Statement
1 Identify, analyze, design and develop solutions to Chemical Engineering problems of practical importance to industry and society.

Demonstrate sound understanding of Chemical Engineering fundamentals to solve problems through the use of modern experimental methods, computer aided design and simulations software.