Name of Faculty: Dr. Kshama Vishwanath KulhalliDesignation: Professor & PrincipalQualification : BE, MS, PhD, MBAExperience : 35 Years Specialization : Image processing, Artificial Neural Network, Cryptography, Mobile communication

Name of Faculty: Prof. Dr. G. A. PatilDesignation: Professor, Dean AcademicsQualification : ME(CSE), PhD(CSE)Experience : 28 Years, Industry-1 Year Specialization : Cloud Computing, Information Security, Network Management

Name of Faculty: Prof. Bhagatsingh Dattatray JitkarDesignation: Associate Professor, HODQualification : BE, MCA, PhD(Pursuing)Experience : 28 Years Specialization : Database engineering

Name of Faculty: Prof. Appasaheb Jotiba JadhavDesignation: Associate ProfessorQualification : BE(Electrical/Electronics), M.E.(Pursuing)Experience : 31 Years Specialization : Networks and Security, Grid and Cloud Computing, Wireless Networks, IoT (Internet of Things), Distributed and cluster computing

Name of Faculty: Mrs. Jyoti Narayan JadhavDesignation: Associate ProfessorQualification : M.Tech, M.B.A, PhD pursuingExperience : 26 Years Specialization : Data Mining

Name of Faculty: Prof. M. A.PardesiDesignation: Associate ProfessorQualification : BE(Electronics),ME(Electronics) DCP JLPTExperience : 29 Years Specialization : Digital/Analog Communication

Name of Faculty: Miss Radhika Jinendra DhanalDesignation: Assistant ProfessorQualification : M.E. (CSE), PhD (Pursuing)Experience : 15 Years Specialization : Automata Theory, Computer Algorithms

Name of Faculty: Mrs. Shatakshi Sangram KokateDesignation: Assistant ProfessorQualification : M.E.(CSE)Experience : 12 Years Specialization : Computer Networks

Name of Faculty: Prof. K. T. ManeDesignation: Assistant ProfessorQualification : M.E.(CSE)Experience : 11 Years Specialization : Big data, Security, Cloud computing

Name of Faculty: Mrs. Varsha Parag PatilDesignation: Assistant ProfessorQualification : M.E.(CSE)Experience : 13.5 Years Specialization : Networking, Virtualization

Name of Faculty: Miss. Shobha Baburao PatilDesignation: Assistant ProfessorQualification : M.E.(CSE)Experience : 14.6 Years Specialization : Database Engineering, Web Usage Mining

Name of Faculty: Mrs. Madhuri Vikas ManeDesignation: Assistant ProfessorQualification : M.E. (CSE)Experience : 09 Years Specialization : Database engineering

Name of Faculty: Mrs. Ketaki Amrut BhosaleDesignation: Assistant ProfessorQualification : M.E.(CSE)Experience : 08 Years Specialization : Network Security

Name of Faculty: Mr. Rahul Anil GhatageDesignation: Assistant ProfessorQualification : M.E. (CE)Experience : 10 Years Specialization : Data Mining

Name of Faculty: Mr.Vishal V.MangaveDesignation: Assistant ProfessorQualification : M.Tech.(CST)Experience : 10 Years Specialization : Operating System, Distributed System

Name of Faculty: Mr. Mandar K. KekadeDesignation: Assistant ProfessorQualification : PhD (Pursuing), M.E.(CSE)Experience : 06 Years Specialization : Computer Science& Engineering – Cloud Computing, Machine Learning

Name of Faculty: Mr.Ajinkya Shankarrao YadavDesignation: Assistant ProfessorQualification : PhD [Pursuing], M.E.[CE]Experience : 08 Years Specialization : Programming Languages,Network Security & Data Mining

Name of Faculty: Mr.Sunny Baburao MohiteDesignation: Assistant ProfessorQualification : ME(CSE),PhD(Pursuing)Experience : 09 Years Specialization : Data Analytics, Cloud Computing,Virtualization and IMS(Infra Structure Management Services)Database Engineering, Web Development,Operating System

Name of Faculty: Mr. Niraj Avinash HavalDesignation: Assistant ProfessorQualification : M. Tech. (CST)Experience : 08 Years Specialization : Networking, Operating Systems

Name of Faculty: Mrs.Sonali Vishwajeet ShingeDesignation: Assistant ProfessorQualification : M.E.(CE)Experience : 4.5 Years Specialization : Image Processing

Name of Faculty: Mrs.Dhanashree Rohan PatilDesignation: M.E.(CSE)Qualification : BE, MCA, PhD(Pursuing)Experience : 4.5 Years Specialization : DataMining

Name of Faculty: Mr. Ravindra S. KambleDesignation: Assistant ProfessorQualification : M.Tech (CSE)Experience : 10 Years Specialization : Cloud Computing & Big Data

Name of Faculty: Mr. Sunil A. KumbharDesignation: Assistant ProfessorQualification : M.Tech (CST)Experience : 07 Years Specialization : Cloud Computing, Data Mining

Name of Faculty: Mrs. Sonali Mahesh SurveDesignation: Assistant ProfessorQualification : M.E(CSE),Pursuing Ph.DExperience : 13 Years Specialization : Information Security, Machine Learning, Image Processing

Name of Faculty: Ms. Monica Murlidhar JagtapDesignation: Assistant ProfessorQualification : Ph. D. (Pursuing), M. Tech, B. E. (C. S. E.)Experience : 06 Years Specialization : Network Security

Name of Faculty: Mrs. Ruchita Ashwin DesaiDesignation: Assistant ProfessorQualification : Ph. D. (Pursuing), M. E. (CSE), B. E. (IT)Experience : 02 Years Specialization : Data mining

Name of Faculty: Mr. Vinit Atul ShevadeDesignation: Assistant ProfessorQualification : M.Tech & BE CSEExperience : 8.5 Years, Industry: 2.5 Years Specialization : Adhoc Wireless Network, Storage Area Network & Machine Learning.

Name of Faculty: Mrs. Ranjita Sujit JadhavDesignation: Assistant ProfessorQualification : M.EExperience : 7 Years Specialization : Network Security

Name of Faculty: Ms. Priyanka Shashikant PadwalDesignation: Assistant ProfessorQualification : M.EExperience : 1 Year Specialization : Data Mining & Retrieval, Analysis