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About Library

Any discipline requires study material references, and information collated at one place; library. As we are moving rapidly in technology sophisticated world but hard copy is a preferred medium chosen by students from ancient eras.
Our library wardrobe consists huge quantum of books split between authors, topics, subjects, magazines, and newspapers. An entire silent zone with a mechanized search system is serviced by the librarian who is skilled enough to handle all concerns of students. Overall we have a stock of 48329 books. The library is having Membership with N-LIST, NDL, and DELNET, New Delhi for E-journals, EBooks, Inter-Library Loan, Reference facility, and Document Delivery services. Library issues 50+ book sets under book bank scheme to SC / ST students (Free sets) every year and provides study room facility during normal and extended hours.

Library Services

Current Awareness Services (CAS) Selective Dissemination of Information (SDI) to support research
Bibliographic and New arrivals services N-LIST (199500 + e-books and 6000+ E-Journals)
Inter library Loan (DELNET) to support research. Open Access to stack area for staff & student
Online Public Access Catalogue Automated Library with Bar-coding
Digital Library Issue – Return
Book Bank for Toppers Book Bank for SW Students
Reprography Reference services
Library Orientation Program for Students and staff Newspaper Clippings
Reading Hall Scanned Question papers
Access to National Digital Library (4,48,14,935 Documents) iThenticate Plagiarism Software

Library Holdings Details: –

Sr. No. Books Details Quantity
1. Total no. of Books 48329
2. Total no. of Titles 21329
3. E Books 200000+ (NLIST)
4. Print Journals 80
5. E Journals 11000+ (DELNET + NLIST)


Sr. No. Equipment Details     Quantity
1. PCs 17
2. Scanners 1
3. Xerox M/C, Printers 1

Library Area :

Sr. No. Area Area in Sqm.
1. Total Stacks Area 194.59
2. Digital Library 46.98
3. Reading Room 399.07
4. Reference Section 34.7
5. Circulation Section 29.59
6. Periodical Section 34.7
7. Acquisition Section 11.33
8. Newspaper Section 65.80
9. Book Binding Section 20.8
10. Reprographic Section 4.6
11. Librarian Cabin 9.42
Total Area of Library 1032.54 Sqm.


E Resources

Sr. No. Online Databases Website Address
1 DELNET http://www.delnet.in/
2 NDL http://ndl.iitkgp.ac.in
3 nList https://www.nlist.inflibnet.ac.in
4 Digital Library and NPTEL
5 K-HUB (Architecture) www.k-hub.in
6 50 Amzing Homes in India Online Video Library www.buildofy.com (for online registration unique code is available at library)
7 GATE Software
8 Self Learning Blog http://selflearningresources.blogspot.com
9 Anti Ragging Web Sites http://amanmovement.org
10 Open Access EBooks, NPTEL Videos,
Old Question Papers
Open Access EBooks, NPTEL Videos, Old Question Papers

Rules and Regulations:

⇨ To avail of this each desiring Student (On-Call Roll) should enroll as a member & get a Digital ID Card.
⇨ All Registered Student Members on the production of his/her, Identity Card can be issued books.
⇨ Each member is entitled to borrow only “ Two books at a time ’’
⇨ Journals and Reference Books are not issued to students.
⇨ The Policy to be followed for the Issue of Books will be on a “ First Come First Serve Basis”
⇨ An Issued book can be kept by the Student for a maximum period of one week.
⇨ The Book should be returned to the Library by one week evening.
⇨ Defacement mutilation, marking and such other acts that spoil the books are not condoned. Any Borrower including in such activities will not only be fined appropriately but is likely to be debarred from the Library facility.
⇨ Loss of Book must be Notified to the Librarian before the expiry date of returning the book. Either replacement of books or its procurement cost at the rate of prevailing price will be recovered from the Borrower. Library may levy fines up to double the cost of the book. In this regard decision of the Librarian is final.
⇨ The Indenting Student must come in person to get the book issued and also to return the book. Book will not be issued by proxy.
⇨ If a book is in great demand “Queue System ’’ will be followed.
⇨ Students are advised not to get into argument with Library Staff. They can bring their grievance it any to the Notice of Office In charge Librarian and Principal.
⇨ Students are Wel-Come to give suggestions for fruitful services. The suggestions are given to Librarian / Library committee members /Principal in writing. The Library Committee will study them for incorporation if found suitable.
⇨ The Books should be handled Very carefully and returned in time for circulation to the other readers.
⇨ Students must observe complete silence in the Library and Student’s Reading Hall.
⇨ Every Student must present his “Identity Card” to enter the Library.
⇨ Students must handle Library Books, Periodicals, Furniture and electric etc. properly and carefully.
⇨ Internet Facility is Free to all the Students and Staff Members
⇨ Books and Journals should be handled carefully. Marking of the Books and Journals is strictly prohibited.
⇨ Periodical Issues of Journals will not be issued.
⇨ Students must observe complete silence in the Library and the Reading Hall.
⇨ Help to keep the book fresh, clean and moving.

Sr. No. Name Department Role
1. Prof. S. D. Chede Principal Chairperson
2. Mr. R.R. Pawar Librarian Secretary
3. Mrs. Priyanka Patil Chemical Member
4. Mr. Kiran Patil Civil Member
5. Mrs. K. A. Bhosale Computer Sci. & Engg Member
6. Mrs. R. A. Chavan AIML Member
7. Mr. J. B. Metkari Data Science Member
8. Mrs. K. V. Thotushe E & TC Member
9. Mr. P. B. Nandgave Mechanical Member
10. Mrs. G. S. Wagale Architecture Member
11. Mr. S. B. Patil First Year Member
12. Miss. S. S. Kamble Civil Member (UG Student)
13. Mr. Abhishek Mandlik Mechanical Member (UG Student)
14. Miss. Sejal Patil E & TC Member (UG Student)
15. Miss. Bhagyashri Swami AIML Member (UG Student)
16. Mr. Aryan Tapase Data Science Member (UG Student)
17. Miss. Saniya Mullani Chemical Member (UG Student)
18. Miss. Shreya Panshetti Architecture Member (UG Student)
19. Mr. Soham Patil First Year Member (PG Student)
Sr. No. Name of the Staff Designation Qualification Contact No.
1 Mr. Rohan.R. Pawar Librarian M.A., M. Lib. & Inf. Sc., UGC NET, SET & KSET, P.hd Persuing 9890793122
2 Mrs. S.Y. Shinde Asst. Librarian M. Com. M. Lib. & Inf. Sc., SET & NET 9762465160
3 Mrs. A. R. Moraskar Library Asst. B.A., M. Lib. & Inf.Sc. 8087242337
4 Mrs. D.M. Sawant Library Asst. M.A., M. Lib. & Inf.Sc. & SET 9730934421
5 Mr.S.T. Landage Asst. Librarian B. LIB. & Inf.Sc. 9096227964
6 Shri. S. M. Tondale Library Clerk M. A., G. D. C.& A. 8856893581
7 Shri. K. S. Patil Peon S.S.C. 9822509744
8 Mr. A. P. Satpute Peon B.A. 9970998398
9 Mr. R. S. Patil Peon S. S. C. 8605466459