Student Research

Research Policy for College Students under PGCS Scheme

To motivate students’ research, Institute will provide funds to final year projects under Project Grant to College Students (PGCS) scheme. For this R & D cell will form a team of external industrial or academic experts to evaluate students’ projects at various departments. Student groups will get funds maximum up-to Rs. 50,000/- per project. The limit may exceed depending on the quality of projects. By this PGCS policy for students, we are trying to motivate multidisciplinary, industry and society based student’s projects

(PGCS): 2018-19

Sr. No Name of Students Department Cost Name of Project & Guide Remark
1 Shinde Mayuresh Vasant Toraskar Shivani Ravindra Pinjare Shubham Vishnu Tipugade Ameet Arvind Productio 41000/- Characterization of turning of Nimonic 90 –Prof. M.D. Chavan Rank 1
2 Nimbalkar R.

Kharat S.

Shedbale R.

Kawathe P.

Ghadage S.

Rathod V. R.

Peerzade K

Patil T.

Civil 52000/- Soil stabilization using coal ash and lime- Prof. P. P. Prabhu& Prof. R. R. Waychal Rank 1
3 Bhadavankar R. V. Shingade P. A.

Joshi A. M.

Arekar A. S.

Patil Y. P.

Dhumal A. B.

Khaladekar K.

Chavan P.

Gorule A.

Civil 145000/- Properties of concrete produced with E waste- Prof. Kiran M. Mane Rank 2
4 Kadambari Pandit Manisha  Nikam

Suchita Chavare

Pratik Bhat

Vishwajeet Patil

Civil 22900/- Study of air pollution in selected areas of Kop – Prof. A. S. Sutar. Rank 3
5 A. K. Chavan

D. G. Shendre

S. T. Mane

Electronics 10000/- Electric car charging using magnetic induction- Prof. N.S. Vatkar Rank 1
6 A. R. Bhopale

V.V. Diwase

Electronics 9000/- Temperature controller oven Prof. A. A. Desai Rank 2
7 P.S. Kumbhar

U. Y. Walje

M. V. Jadhav

Electronics 10000/- Performance analysis of piezoelectric – Prof. S. R.Khot Rank 3
8 R. B. Aldar

M. D. Potdar

S. A. Golandaj

R. R. Navale

P. A. Kasshid

Mechanical 28000/- Analysis of turning process parameters for Inconel 718 – Prof. P.A. Mane Rank 1
9 A. S. Pawar

A. D.Khanolkar

P. P. Saraf

S. J. Salokhe

U. B. Ghodake

CSE 11300/- D2D smart billing system – Dr. G. A. Patil Rank 1
10 S. J. Patil

O.S. Patil

V.R. Kale

D. D. Kambale

R. S. Pandharpatte

CSE 10194/- Artificial vision for Blind- Prof. M. A. Pardesi Rank 2
11 D. D. Redekar

S. S. Shinde

A.M. Mulla

M. P. Nadage

A.A Waychal

CSE 9524/- Advanced automatic toll collection- Prof. A. J. Jadhav Rank 3
12 Akshay S. Patil

Prachi R. Chavan

Vaibhav R. Manapure

Chemical 14,620/- Hydrothermal grown nanostructured tungsten oxide film- synthesis, Property, Applications- Dr.A.V.Kadam Rank 1
13 Shubham Ghadge

Pranjali Kothe

Chemical 25,000/- Removal of phenol from liq-liq extraction Rank 2
14 Anjali A. Patil

Vaishnavi Kanetkar Soniya Kale

Chemical 42,750/- Extraction of dyes from biomass Rank 3
Sr No Department Project Title 70 % amount to be credited to student accounts


To check corrosion and deflection of existing structural element and develop the method to check corrosion and deflection and compare with manual method 17500


E & TC

Finger Print Based Attendance System 2100
2 Wireless Digital  Energy Meter using IoT with GSM model 2100
3 Attendance Monitoring and Reporting 2800






IoT Based Intelligent Jacket 3500
2 Smart Grid using Machine Learning 10500
3 Smart Cycle Sharing 4900
4 Roboculture web based multipurpose agricultural robot 4900
5 Vehicle Emission Monitoring System






Mech and Prod

Design and Manufacturing of Standing Wheel Chair
2 Onion Harvesting Machine (Project is for TIFAN Competition) 35000
3 Design and Manufacturing of Patient Transfer Assistor Trolley 7000
4 Heat Transfer Enhancement in commercial refrigerator using nano Particle 2800





Synthesis, characterization and antimicrobial study of ZnO  nano-particles in food packaging 3500
2 Treatment of Industrial Waste by using Bioremediation 3500
3 Manufacturing of soaps using enzymes and micro organisms 5600
4 Comparison of different varieties of dry sugarcane leaves for making briquette 4200