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  • Dr. Litesh V. Malade
  • M.E., Ph.D. (Chemical Engineering) 
  • M.B.A. (marketing & Finance),
  • Registrar
  • Associate Professor in Chemical Engineering
  • Email:
  • Phone: 0231-2601431 (Ext 404)

Contact Details

Account Section
Phone: 0231-2601431 (Ext 405)

Sr. No. Name Responsibilities
1 Mr. Banderao D. Patil College Account related work
2 Mr. Sachin G. Yadav College Account related work
3 Mr. Avishkar A. Jarag Students Fee Collection
4 Mr. Shirish S. Kumbhar Students Fee Collection
5 Mr. Anil S. Gurav Students Fee Collection

Student/Exam Section
Phone: 0231-2601431 (Ext 205)

Sr. No. Name Responsibilities
6 Ms. Shambala P. Chopade Issue of Students documents
7 Mr. Ashish S. Khorate Issue of Students documents
8 Ms.Megha S. Patil Issue of Students documents
9 Mr. Sagar M. Rajput Examination related work
10 Mr. Kumar R. Gharage Examination related work

Scholarship Section
Phone: 0231-2601431 (Ext 247)

Sr. No. Name Responsibilities
11 Mr. Pravin S. Gharge Students Scholarships
12 Mr. Uttam Patil Students Scholarships

Inward/Outward Section
Phone: 0231-2601431 (Ext 206)

Sr. No. Name Responsibilities
13 Mr. Sudhir S. Ghode In word and Out word

Establishment Section
Phone: 0231-2601431 (Ext 231)

Sr. No. Name Responsibilities
14 Mr.D.B.Alavekar Campus Maintenance
15 Mr. Arjun M. Powalkar Establishment related work
16 Mr.Vijay Patil Campus Maintenance

Store Section
Phone: 0231-2601431 (Ext 236)

Sr. No. Name Responsibilities
17 Mr.S.G.Chavan Purchase related work
18 Mr. P.J.Gaikwad Electrical work
19 Mr.S.S.Medhe Electrical work